Introduction Video

+ Do I need to bring anything?

No, you don't need to bring anything. We recommend floating in the nude and we will provide you with a private room fitted with a shower, towels, shower products, ear plugs and make-up wipes. We also have an area with hair dryers and a hair straightener.

+ Should I avoid anything before floating?

You should avoid:

  • Having caffeine or stimulants prior up tp 4-5 hours
  • Colouring your hair in the same week
  • Applying skin tan in the same week
  • Shaving beforehand

+ Are there any differences between the rooms?

No, all of the rooms are identical. The rooms are named after the 6 NASA space shuttles.

+ Can gift cards be purchased online?

Yes, online gift card purchases gives you the option to personalise you e-gift card according to the occasion. Vouchers are valid for redeemption for 12 months from the date of purchase at Northcote. They become null and void after this time.

+ Can I float if I am menstruating?

This is not recommended.

+ Can pregnant women float?

Yes, we allow pregnant women to float between 12 and 30 weeks.

+ What happens if I fall asleep?

You will fall asleep and continue to float.

+ What are the pod dimensions?

The internal dimensions of the pod are 2.27m long and 1.39m wide.

+ How is the water maintained?

After each session, the whole body of water cycles through a filtration system containing UV lamps and a micron filter 4-6 times. The water is also treated with a small amount of chlorine in line with health regulations and the 600kg of Epsom Salts dissolved in the water acts as a natural disinfectant. We regularly test and balance the water throughout the day and routinely engage a third party lab to test the water to ensure our process is robust.

+ Is there an age limit?

Yes, floaters must be 16 years or over.

+ Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a maximum weight limit of 130kg.