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At Gravity Float our mission is to provide innovative holistic therapies that support your well being. We are all about inspiring the individual and empowering them to achieve optimal mental and physical health. This is what true longevity is all about.

What started as a search for tools to optimise our own health and state of mind in a high-pressured, fast-paced workplace, is now changing the lives of many.

We started as the first and largest float centre in Victoria and have expanded to bring you more services for a complete integrated health experience. Our unique combination of wellness services are scientifically designed to benefit your mind, body and energy. The full benefits are felt when your Gravity practice becomes an integrated part of your lifestyle.

Gravity’s team are second to none. We are here to provide support and a friendly chat. We are knowledgeable about all the therapies on offer and are available to develop a wellness plan specific to you.

Our clients and community are paramount to everything we do and how we do it. Our objective is to provide you with services that meet your wellness needs. We welcome your feedback so we continue to evolve!

Carly Zalakos

Carly Zalakos

Our centre manager Carly, holds a degree in Complementary & Alternative Medicine & is passionate about holistic health. She believes a holistic approach to health is key; addressing the mind, body & soul leads to optimal results. Her Gravity journey began in 2015, & she has since helped to build the incredible community & team you see today.


Sarah De Cata

Our centre assistant manager holds a degree in Counselling & Certificates in Martial Arts Instruction, Concepts in Nutrition & Health Coaching & Meditation. She is passionate about health, fitness, & floating! Gravity aligns with her passion for mind-body connection & an integrated approach to well being.

Ali McIlwain

Ali McIlwain

Ali is a long-term casual, having joined the Gravity family in 2016 while studying a Master of Environment & Sustainability. After seeing Gravity evolve & grow into what we provide to our community today, she never wants to leave. She is constantly inspired by the positive impact we make to the daily lives of our clients.

Amy Seaburn

Amy Seaburn

Amy has expertise in energy healing for 7 years. As a Certified Psychosomatic therapist, her treatments are holistic and deeply relaxing. She incorporates intuitive healing into her physical, energetic and spiritual practice. Amy offers restorative body work, emotional release body work and reiki.

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