The Potential Health Benefits of an Isolation Pod and Where to Find and Float Water Tank in Melbourne

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to simply float away from your anxiety, stress, pain, or depression? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s possible. Floating in an isolation pod can make you feel more relaxed than you’ve ever imagined as you’re wrapped in a cocoon of silence and warmth. You’ll …read more.

Why You Should Try Water Tank Floats and Where to Find a Float tank in Melbourne

Have you considered that you might enjoy a break from your regular daily routine? Regularly floating in a water tank may be just the thing. These sensory deprivation tanks or isolation pods give users a truly cathartic experience involving floating weightlessly in a pod full of water and magnesium to help ease …read more.

Preparing for Your Sensory Deprivation Pod Session and Where to Find an Isolation Pod or Tank

If you are planning to book a session in a sensory deprivation pod, then you have probably heard a lot about the potential health benefits such as stress relief, pain reduction, and blood pressure management that this experience can offer. Of course, this service may assist with these and other health benefits, but …read more.