The Potential Health Benefits of an Isolation Pod and Where to Find and Float Water Tank in Melbourne

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to simply float away from your anxiety, stress, pain, or depression? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s possible. Floating in an isolation pod can make you feel more relaxed than you’ve ever imagined as you’re wrapped in a cocoon of silence and warmth. You’ll free your mind from the constant stimulation of feeling, hearing, smelling, and taste in a typical day. You may enter a meditative state that fully relaxes your body and, mind whilst promoting your body’s natural healing abilities. Here are some of the ways using a float water tank in Melbourne may benefit you:.

By Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Many users report that floating in a float water tank reduces their anxiety and depression significantly. Many clinical studies support these finding. Floating can often decrease stress, anxiety, depression and pain as well as improve sleep and overall quality of life. Furthermore, the results of using an isolation pod can last up to 10 days after one session.

By Lowering Stress

Our daily lives are full of stress, from busy work schedules to demanding family obligations to financial worries and much more. There’s nothing quite like taking the time to enjoy a sensory deprivation tank to calm your stress and help you relax. The extreme relaxation experienced by people who regularly float naturally lowers their cortisol levels, not only making them feel calmer but also protecting their physical and mental health. If you are experiencing tiredness, fatigue, or extreme stress, an floatation water tank may be just what you need.

By Relieving Physical Pain

Many people with chronic pain find relief in float water tanks. Floating promotes healthy blood flow, which can minimise muscular and other types of pain. The simple act of relaxing can also lower pain levels in patients with fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, depression, and other conditions associated with chronic pain. The 600kgs of Epsom salts are significant in managing the inflammation that is often associated with pain and muscle soreness. The enhanced feelings of well-being and ease of movement makes a big difference to pain management.

By Enhancing Athletic Performance

Did you know that you can use floating to bounce back from strenuous workouts faster? Floating in a gravity-free environment allows lactic acid to pass out of your muscles more quickly, reducing overall pain and stiffness. Many athletes report that sensory deprivation tanks also enable them to perform better on the field or court as the relaxation state imparted by floating gives them more mental focus as they play. The Australian Institute of Sports have had their own floatation tanks since 1983 and use floatation therapy extensively in their training and recovery of athletes.

Where to Book Your First Session in a Float Water Tank in Melbourne

At Gravity Float, we offer sensory deprivation tanks for our customers to use to work towards a range of goals. Whether you want to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve your athletic performance, or just enjoy the relaxing feeling of floating freely, you’ll love our float tanks. We offer free assessments and consultations so that we can get to know you, your needs and expectations. From there we can recommend a therapy schedule for optimal results. Contact Gravity Float today to learn more.

*This service may assist with health benefits, but results vary across individuals.