Why You Should Try Water Tank Floats and Where to Find a Float tank in Melbourne

Have you considered that you might enjoy a break from your regular daily routine? Regularly floating in a water tank may be just the thing. These sensory deprivation tanks or isolation pods give users a truly cathartic experience involving floating weightlessly in a pod full of water and magnesium to help ease stress and pain, lower blood pressure, and free the mind. Floatation is also used successfully in enhancing mindfulness and mediative practices. Users report enhanced creativity, less pain, improved symptoms of depression and anxiety, and much more. Some of the distinct advantages of these water floats include:

Significant Pain Relief

Many people find that their pain is alleviated within just a few minutes of floating. Neck, shoulder, back, and leg pain, as well as headaches, may all decrease, allowing you to enjoy natural, drug-free pain relief during and after each session. You will likely notice that your muscles and joints are less stiff and painful immediately following your float.

A Break from Screens

When was the last time you spent an hour or two completely disconnected from social media and other Internet-based pastimes (not counting sleep)? Many people notice that the first few minutes of their sessions are difficult as they count down the minutes and don’t quite know how to focus their minds without phones in their hands. However, they quickly find that as they slip more deeply into a state of relaxation, they become less and less aware of time and thoroughly enjoy the escape from contact with the “outside world” and the chance to reflect on themselves.

Benefits for Your Hair and Skin

The salt works wonders for your skin and hair. When your session is over, you’ll feel cleansed and refreshed – but without any skin irritation as the magnesium-infused water is gentle. Do remember to hydrate before and after your session; just as when you work out.

Amazing Sleep

Using a float tank is so relaxing that you’ll probably fall asleep during your session! However, many floaters report that they are so relaxed that they do fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow after their float. T and they sleep soundly throughout the night and wakeing refreshed and energetic the next morning. If you’re convinced a float tank may be right for you and you’re wondering where to find a float tank in Melbourne, read on to learn about Gravity Float.

Gravity Float – Your Float Tank in Melbourne

If you want to experience these benefits for yourself, there’s good news: you don’t have to go far from home to do it. At Gravity Float, we service customers in the Melbourne area with our innovative and modern sensory deprivation tanks. Floatation therapy offers significant advantages for many of the people who choose to try it , and we have many repeat customers for this reason. Let go of your troubles in a relaxing zero-gravity environment and enjoy the wonderfully relaxing feeling of floating in our isolation pods. Do keep in mind that while this service may assist with the health benefits listed above, results may vary across individuals. Please contact Gravity Float for more information.